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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Bryn Mawr Film Institute's education programs. Young or old, novice or aficionado, film viewer or filmmaker, there are a number of ways BMFI can help you more richly engage with the cinema.

Blackboard Jungle (1955)
Film Studies classes allow people of all ages and levels of experience to get more enjoyment and enlightenment from the diverse world of film. Classes on the language of film and film analysis join a wide range of courses on different national cinemas, film genres and movements, eras in film history, and important filmmakers. These offerings range in duration from one-day seminars, to four-week classes, to twelve-week discussion series.

See · Hear · Feel · Film is a curriculum designed to meet the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, that teaches third-grade students to write clearly and confidently, to view films and other visual media critically, and to collaborate creatively and constructively. Learn more about this innovative program and see how your child's school can participate.

Summer Filmmaking Workshop's "Class Clown" (2009)
Film Production courses allow aspiring filmmakers to learn more about different aspects of the process, in many cases in a very hands-on way. There are courses for budding screenwriters of all ages, and for creative and collaborative teenagers there is the Summer Filmmaking Workshop.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
The Course Archive allows our students, patrons, and other supporters to see the breadth of the film classes BMFI has offered since its education program began in 2005. Many of these courses are offered periodically to allow students another chance to learn about a topic they may have missed out on previously. And if any of you notice a cinema topic that hasn't been covered but you think should be, please let us know.

Dead Poets Society (1989)
The Faculty page introduces the group of skilled instructors who help make BMFI's education programs so engaging. For those of you already familiar with our faculty, these bios and links offer a bit more background-and perhaps some surprises-about the instructors you've gotten to know through your experiences in BMFI's education programs.

The George Rehrauer Collection is BMFI's library of approximately 2,000 film books that was donated by the Haverford School, of which Mr. Rehrauer was an alumnus. Items include star and filmmaker biographies, volumes on and screenplays from important films, and books on filmmaking, genres, film history, and more. BMFI members may borrow books from this collection, a list of which is available online, along with instructions for borrowing.

These Film Links are not an exhaustive resource for learning more about the cinema or a particular film, but they are a good start. Some of them may be familiar, but others will be new sources of information about your favorite films and filmmakers.

Film Discussions allow both the casual viewer and more ardent film enthusiast to share their ideas and learn more about some of the fascinating pictures featured at BMFI. These thoughtful gatherings are a wonderful way to meet and engage with fellow cinephiles in a casual, collegial environment.

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