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Action Films as Art

Adapting Jane: Austen on Screen

Akira Kurosawa: East Meets West

Alfred Hitchcock: The Best of the Rest

Alfred Hitchcock: The Early Years

Alfred Hitchcock: The Political Films

Alone in the Dark: The Films of Lars von Trier

The Art of the Screenplay

Arthur Penn: Chronicling the Outsiders

Ascending from Darkness: The Films of Stanley Kubrick

The Asian Masters

Beyond Objectivity: The Contemporary Documentary

Bold and Bawdy: The Films of Almodóvar

Classics Seminar: All About Eve

Classics Seminar: All That Heaven Allows

Classics Seminar: The Apartment

Classics Seminar: Battleship Potemkin

Classics Seminar: From Here to Eternity

Classics Seminar: The Hidden Fortress

Classics Seminar: Imitation of Life

Classics Seminar: Jaws

Classics Seminar: The Lady Eve

Classics Seminar: Metropolis

Classics Seminar: Modern Times

Classics Seminar: On the Waterfront

Classics Seminar: Some Like It Hot

Classics Seminar: Taxi Driver

Classics Seminar: The Third Man

The Color of Paradise: Arab and Islamic Film

Conscientious Objectors: Post-War Political Films

Cracking Wise and Falling in Love (Again): The Screwball Comedy

The Craft of the Screenplay

The Dark Side of Hollywood: Film Noir

The Documentary Impulse

Dogged Defiance: Sidney Lumet

Ecstatic Truth: The Films of Werner Herzog

Eric Rohmer: Tales for All Seasons

[Expletive Deleted]: David Mamet Films

Film Discussion Series: Genre Tour

Film History Discussion Series: 1895-1945

Film History Discussion Series: 1939

Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present

Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present

Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present

Fire Down Below: Latin American Cinema

First Acts: Art and Structure

French Cinema: Making Waves

From Page to Screen: The Literary Adaptation

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Blockbuster

Hitchcock at the Height

Hollywood in the Mirror

Icon in the Director's Chair: Clint Eastwood

The Italian Cinema I

The Italian Cinema II

Labyrinth of Passion: Spanish Cinema

The Language of Film I

The Language of Film II

Look to the Skies: Superhero Cinema

Lust for Life: The Cinema of Vincente Minnelli

Magnificent Obsession: The Melodrama

Marriage, Motherhood, and Madness: The Hollywood Melodrama

Michelangelo Antonioni: Landscapes of the Soul

Midnight Cowboys and Taxi Drivers: New Hollywood

Moguls, Mensches, and Nudniks: Jews and American Cinema

Mr. Strangelove: Peter Sellers On Screen and Off

Nicholas Ray: Cinema with a Cause

Outlaw Cinema

Paul Thomas Anderson: Cinematic Cypher

Preston Sturges: The Prince of Paramount

Quiet Beauty: Silent Cinema

Revolutionary Dreamer: Bernardo Bertolucci

Science Fiction: A Film Odyssey

Scorsese's Cinema of Loneliness

Screenwriting Essentials

Seminar: Cinema of the 1960s

Seminar: Humor without Borders

Seminar: Master Directors

Seminar: Silent Cinema

Signs of Life: New German Cinema

Singin' on Screen: The Musical

Stranger than Paradise: The Films of Jim Jarmusch

Swept Away: The Films of Lina Wertmüller

Symphony of Horrors: Dracula in Literature and Film

Touch of Genius: Orson Welles

Trafficking in the Absurd: The Coen Brothers' Films

Vistas and Vengeance: The Western

Woody Allen: A Magical Misery Tour

World War II Comedy

Box Office