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Projections Sponsorships

Projections is Bryn Mawr Film Institute's premier publication, a 20-page, full-color brochure published quarterly to announce BMFI's upcoming films, special events, and film studies classes.

Your company or organization can be part of Projections, appearing with other fine Main Line businesses that support BMFI.


  • Projections remains current for three months as a reference for all BMFI film series, scheduled filmmaker appearances, special events, and Film Education courses.

  • Projections is published four times per year and distributed to over 44,000 individuals, households, and businesses annually.

Advertising in Projections and the bonus listing on BMFI's screen gives instant credibility to my company... I'm also able to make a funding difference to this remarkable cultural contribution to our community... and that really pleases me!

— Nancy Gold, King's Collar Shirtmakers

Added Benefits

  • Your business or organization's name, contact information, and website link will be listed on the BMFI website, which receives over 14,000 hits monthly.
  • Your business will be listed, along with the other prominent local businesses and institutions that support Bryn Mawr Film Institute, in the slideshow that runs before each film.
  • You will receive two free passes per month for the duration of your contract.

Rates and Specifications

Provide your ad as a TIFF or PDF file at 300 dpi, or camera-ready artwork at 100%. We can also create your print sponsorship from text and images you provide.
7.375" wide x 4.875" high, full color
$600 per issue $2,000 per year
7.375" wide x 9.875" high, full color
$1,000 per issue $3,600 per year

Everyone goes to the movies. What better way to get your 'brand' out there?

— Christian Hoyt, PayUSA, Inc.

Onscreen Announcements

Onscreen Announcements are a great way to make your business part of the show. Imagine the impact of your message projected onto the "big screen" in brilliant color. Now imagine the 120,000 moviegoers who come to BMFI each year seeing your message as they wait for the film to begin...

Did You Know. . .?

  • 91% of moviegoers remember cinema ads unaided up to one week after going to the movies. (Source: TNS November 2004)
  • Up to one week after seeing a commercial at the movies, nearly half of consumers could name the specific brands they saw advertised. (Source: TNS November 2004)


  • Onscreen announcements can be scheduled to begin the Friday of your choice.
  • Announcements appear on all BMFI screens prior to every main attraction film.
  • Onscreen announcements stay on screen for 12 seconds, repeating every eight minutes.
  • Onscreen announcement artwork can be updated on a regular basis to publicize your specials, events, promotions, etc.


Your onscreen announcement can be a still image, a series of still images, or an animated PowerPoint sequence. The format is 10" wide x 4.9" high, approximately a 2:1 ratio. High resolution artwork (300 dpi or above) is preferred. JPEG files are preferred, but we also accept PDF and PowerPoint artwork files.

Design recommendations: On a 10" wide x 4.9" high slide, the smallest font size legible from the back of the theater is size 16 point. For optimal results, please do not put important text within 0.25" of the top and bottom of the design.

BMFI can also help you with your slide design to ensure that you get the most from your sponsorship. If you choose to take advantage of our design services, there will be a $50 initial design fee. (You can always submit your own artwork designed to our specifications and our designer will be happy to advise you at no charge.)


Your message will be featured on four screens, offering your organization or business more exposure than ever before! As patrons relax in brand new seats and enjoy our expanded facilities and film selection, we hope that your organization is one of the ones that they see represented on screen.

1 month contract
3 month contract
6 month contract
1 year contract
Non-Profit Organizations
$400 per month
$375 per month
$350 per month
$325 per month

Design: Design guidance and advice are offered free. If you would like us to create your slide for you, there is an initial design fee of $50 the first time we design a slide for you per contract period. If you are reusing artwork that we have previously designed for you, no fee is required.

Added Benefits

  • Your business or organization is encouraged to display brochures, postcards, and/or business cards at BMFI, as space is available. This opportunity is exclusive to business sponsors and event partners.
  • Your business or organization will also be listed in an additional listing of sponsors in BMFI's slideshow, with other prominent businesses and institutions that support BMFI.
  • For one-year contracts, your business or organization's name, contact information, and website link will be listed on the BMFI website, which receives over 19,000 hits per month.

We were looking for unique and cost-effective ways for getting the word out ... With a broad and informed audience base, we found that an onscreen ad at Bryn Mawr Film Institute made perfect sense.

— Rene Donnard, Bryn Mawr Health

Submit a Sponsorship Inquiry Form and the appropriate BMFI staff person will contact you:

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